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Rental Policy

Note: Policies are subject to change at any time without notice. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 231 881 6000

COVID POLICY: There will be no refunds or rescheduling allowed if you or someone in your group tests positive for Covid-19 and can no longer use your boat rental. Please do not reserve a boat if you do not want to risk forfeiting your 30% deposit or the full amount of the reservation. Please refer to the cancelation policy located within the rental policy. If someone on our waitlist or a new guest calls in and takes over your boat rental slot you will be refunded the subtotal of their boat rental reservation.

All participants must arrive 30-40 minutes early at our kiosk in Boyne City to sign a waiver and receive our safety instruction before your departure time.  If you arrive late and unorganized you may not get your full reserved rental time.

– ALL PARTICIPANTS, RENTERS(LESSEE), AND DRIVERS 12 years old and above that plan on driving, sitting on, or participating on the rented pontoon, tritoon, ski boat, jet ski, stand up paddle/peddle board, and kayak must be present at our kiosk located at the One Water Marina downtown Boyne City 30-40 minutes before your departure time to SIGN OUR LIABILITY WAIVER including our standard boat rental agreement, waiver, and Boyne Watersports rental rules form.  NOTE: All ages are welcome on our tritoons and ski boats.  The insurance company only requires participants 12 years old and above to be present to sign the waiver themselves.

– You will not pick up additional drivers or participants that have not signed all applicable forms and gone though all applicable safety instructions prior to using our rented equipment.  You would risk having your rental canceled with no refunds if we find guests using our equipment that have not signed the waiver or been through our safety instruction.

– Your dock, mooring, or boat lift must be approved by Boyne Watersports staff if you want to keep our boats in front of your house on Lake Charlevoix for daily or multi day use. It is the responsibility of the renter(lessee) to contact us about your dock, mooring, and boat lift situation. We will assume if you do not contact us about keeping the boat in front of your house on Lake Charlevoix that you will keep the boat for free at our marina dock slip.  

-We offer our own mooring system for $349 includes gas to be placed in front of your rental home on Lake Charlevoix.

– Renter must be 18 years of age with valid driver’s license to rent any of our boats

– Operator age restrictions for jet skis: Must be at least 16 years of age or older to drive and show valid drivers license.  The minors parent must be present to fill out our liability waiver and go over the safety orientation with the young individual. All those who will operate/drive one of our jet skis must be instructed by Boyne Watersports staff and have filled out applicable forms. Renter must be present to complete rental contract.

– Switching drivers and passengers is not allowed at our marina once you leave the dock for 1 hour jet ski rentals.  One switch is allowed for a 2 hour jet ski rental at a cost of $30.  3 hour, 4 hour, 6 hour, and 8 hour rentals are allowed to switch up to 2 times for $30 per switch at our marina.  

– If your group is renting a jet ski and a boat simultaneously we do not allow alcohol on the boat.  We reserve the right to inspect bags and coolers.  Your safety is our number one priority.

– All renters and those who plan to operate or drive our equipment must be present at time of instruction and fill out applicable forms. Qualified persons other than renter whom plan to operate rental equipment MUST be present with renter for full instruction and will be required to fill required forms.

– We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone whom we feel is not capable, mature, and/or comfortable enough to operate our equipment.

– We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we believe to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

– Rentals are for Lake Charlevoix and Round Lake only (No Lake Michigan).

– All persons involved with our activities acknowledge that said activities are potentially dangerous and agree to hold Boyne Watersports, all owners, employees and affiliated properties harmless.

– We strongly recommend you DO NOT bring dogs on our rental boats. You are responsible for clean up and damage caused by animals. Dogs brought on boats will incur a small $35 non-refundable fee. We reserve the right to refuse any animal coming on our boats.

– Waterski and wakeboard rentals are first come first serve. Due to the limited availability you cannot reserve them.


– 4 hour reservations for pontoons, tritoons, and ski boats have special blocks of time you can reserve.  There are different start/end times depending on the boat and can’t be changed.  If you are a walk up making a reservation the day of the departure time may be different.

– We highly recommend making a reservation. We can’t guarantee a boat will be available on the day that you choose to rent if you don’t make an official reservation with a credit card. Reserve early to get the correct day, boat, and time of day that will work best for you.  Online reservations are available at or you can call 231 881 6000.

– Walk up guests will be accommodated based on the availability of rental equipment/boats. We recommend that you call us first as we are not always at the One Water Marina or the product that you wish to rent may not be available.

– A 30% NON-REFUNDABLE reservation deposit is required in order to be placed in our reservation software.

– Within 7 days of your rental you are responsible for the FULL RENTAL AMOUNT. If you choose to cancel your rental for ANY REASON within 7 days there are NO REFUNDS (this includes sickness, injuries, and any unforeseen circumstances). If you cancel outside of 7 days you are responsible for the 30% non refundable deposit to hold the boat.


– We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

– All credit card transactions must be made by the person named on the card. A valid driver’s license must accompany the credit card.


– We reserve the right to cancel your reservation for violations of our policies.

– We reserve the right, solely at our discretion, to reschedule and/or cancel your reservation in the event of inclement weather. Please see “Weather” for more details.

– There are no refunds for early returns.

– Within 7 days of your rental you are responsible for the FULL RENTAL AMOUNT. If you choose to cancel your rental for ANY REASON within 7 days there are NO REFUNDS (this includes sickness, injuries, and any unforeseen circumstances). If you cancel outside of 7 days you are responsible for the 30% non refundable deposit to hold the boat.

– Any approved refunds are subject to a small 5% credit card processing fee

– Rescheduling a reservation (changing dates) is not allowed. It would be considered a cancelation of your original reservation where you’re responsible for the 30% non refundable deposit or within 7 days the full amount.


– Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances can arise around the time of your rental causing delay or unavailability of your reserved equipment/boat. If this happens, we reserve the right to substitute your rental with an equivalent, or greater value boat at no extra cost to you. We also may be able to offer you another piece of equipment of lesser value, if it interests you, and adjust the price accordingly. If no equipment is available that is comparable to what you rented, and we can’t offer you any other adventure to entertain your group, we have no choice but to reschedule for a later date or cancel your reservation.

– Boats that have additional features such as GPS, fish finder, depth finder, and an engine trim gauge etc are not guaranteed to work. There are no refunds, discounts, substitutions, or cancelations allowed.


– We require a $500 damage deposit on all motor powered equipment. This includes all boats and jet skis. If renting more than one boat or jet ski, a $500 damage is required for each additional boat/jet ski. All we need to do this is a credit card on file in our software that is pre authorized for the amount of the deposit. The $500 hold will be taken off your card if the machine is brought back in the same condition as it was rented.

– If damage occurs while the equipment/boat is in your care, the $500 hold will be charged until a quote is given to us by a local qualified boat shop at our discretion. If the quote by the qualified shop is more than $500, an additional charge will take place to make up the difference. If the quote is less than $500, a refund will be given for the difference in the quote amount. Renters are responsible for ALL equipment during their rental, while in their care, and while they are in operation of the equipment. Any damage that occurs to ANY equipment during a rental is the responsibility of the renter, up to, and including COMPLETE replacement cost.

– All Damages in excess of $100 must be reported to Boyne Watersports and may be reported to local law enforcement, if necessary.

– If damage occurs, repairs will be made by a local qualified boat shop at our discretion.  A new propeller is charged at $300.  This cost includes parts and our mechanics time to pull the boat out of the water and replace the prop.

– Boyne Watersports wants the following to be known. Damages greater than $100 are very infrequent (normally no more than 2-5 occurrences per year). We do not profit from damages. The renter is responsible for the cost of repair and/or replacement. We may charge for equipment downtime at the cost of a 7 hour rental per day that the equipment is down.  We charge $120 per hour for our time and transportation of vessels to and from our mechanic/aluminum repair welder shop and the time it takes Boyne Watersports to coordinate repairs.


– Boyne Watersports offers no insurance coverage on equipment during your rental. Any damage that occurs to Boyne Watersports equipment must be covered by renter. Anything over the $500 damage deposit will also be the responsibility of the renter to pay if the damage exceeds $500.

– Please check with your homeowner, auto, or credit card company to see if there is an insurance option available to you.


– What constitutes good and bad weather for water sports activities is highly subjective. Below are things the renter shall keep in mind regarding weather

– We will not cancel your rental based on a weather prediction or before the morning has a chance to clear up.

– We will not reschedule your rental based on a weather prediction.

– Light rain, sprinkle, and drizzle is considered boatable weather.

– As mentioned in above in “Cancellations” we reserve the right solely at our discretion to reschedule and/or cancel your reservation in the event of inclement weather.

– Multiple-day rentals do not get refunds or additional days added on to rentals because of lost days due to weather. This is reflected in the discounted price of the multiple-day rentals.

– While Northern Michigan summers are generally known to be very nice, we understand that there are certain weather related events that make our rental activities unsafe. Cancellations include all day thunder, lightning, and/or rainstorms.

– DO NOT rely on weather forecasts! These are only predictions (especially precipitation) and not necessarily what will take place. For example, there are many days throughout the summer in Northern Michigan that forecast a certain percentage of rain but turn out to be a beautiful day. Do not be scared by the rain cloud on TV or online, especially when it’s only a 10-30% chance.

– If the morning looks uncertain, there is a very high probability it will be beautiful once the sun gets higher in the sky; usually between 10am to 12pm. We will not cancel unless it’s proven otherwise. 

– While some parts of the lake may be windy and rough other parts may be calmer and very nice. We will gladly show you where the best places to go are based on weather conditions.

– Please dress for the weather. It’s a great idea to pack a sweatshirt, windbreaker, or blanket in case it becomes cool on the water.

– Occasionally we get the brief afternoon thundershower. As long as it is not an all-day event we do not allow for cancellations.

-If it rains in the morning when your group is suppose to be checking in, we will not cancel your reservation.  We will check the weather forecast and radar to determine when the rain will stop.  Your group would arrive when the rain stops.  We would then pro-rate you for the good hours you were able to enjoy. 

– If it rains towards the second half of your rental and you have to come back to the dock.  We may allow for you to be pro-rated for the good hours you did go out.    

– Example, if your reservation is a 7 hour from 11am-6pm.  It rains from 10am-1pm.  We won’t cancel your reservation based on the rain early in the day.  We will check the weather forecast and radar to see that it will stop raining at 1pm.  Your group would experience a rain delay and come down at 1:30pm and depart after waiver and safety send off.  Your rental would then be pro-rated and possibly extended to 7pm or beyond to get the time you reserved on the boat.  You would be charged for four hours out of your 7 hours if you arrive back at 6pm.  

– Less weather discrepancy on boats versus jet-skis. Boats: Generally, cancellations occur only if it is a rain out day or extremely windy/choppy across the majority of the lake.  Jet-Skis: Generally, only air temperatures less than 64 degrees may receive consideration for cancellation.

– Cooler, overcast, or windy days ARE NOT considered “inclement weather” and is considered boat-able weather.  


– Guest is responsible for gas/fuel used during rental.

– Your boat rental will have a full tank of gas at the beginning of your rental. You are responsible for the gas that you use. Your boat rental will be refueled by Boyne Watersports staff at the Harborage Marina. The Credit card on file for the boat rental will be charged the gas dock rate plus+ $1.50 per gallon. One, two, and three hour jet ski rentals have gas charges built into the price. 4, 6, 8 hour and multi day jet skis are charged the gas dock rate plus $1.50 per gallon. You are not allowed to fuel jet skis or boats due to our insurance rules/requirements.


– We do not charge tax or any fees for your boat rental.



$300 – Aluminum Prop

$750 – Stainless Steel Prop