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JET SKI Rentals

All participants must arrive 30-40 minutes early at our kiosk in Boyne City to sign a waiver and receive our safety instruction before your departure time.  If you arrive late and unorganized you may not get your full reserved rental time.

Due to safety and boat traffic issues, switching drivers and passengers is not allowed at our marina once you leave the dock for 1 hour jet ski rentals.  One switch is allowed for a 2 hour jet ski rental at a cost of $30.  3hr, 4hr, 6hr, and 8hr rentals are allowed to switch up to 2 times for $30 per switch at our marina.  A great option is to plan on switching drivers and passengers at the nearby state parks Whiting Park or Young State Park featuring sandy beaches.     

NOTE: 1hr, 2hr, and 3hr jet ski prices are “out the door” and include fuel.  4hr, 6hr, 8hr, and multi-day jet ski prices are “out the door” PLUS+ gas.  Gas is charged at the gas dock rate PLUS+ $1.50 per gallon.

If your group is renting a jet ski and a boat simultaneously we do not allow alcohol on the boat.   Your safety is our number one priority.

Holiday Pricing: June 28 – July 10, add 20% for 4hr, 6hr, 8hr and multi day jet ski rentals.  Excludes 1hr, 2hr, and 3hr jet ski rentals.


Jet Ski
Yamaha VX Deluxe Waverunner with reverse

11 jet skis available
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Hourly Pricing

  • 1 hour:  $155  (INCLUDES gas charges)
  • 2 hours:  $249  (INCLUDES gas charges)
  • 3 hours:  $339  (INCLUDES gas charges)
  • 4 hours:  $379  (PLUS+ gas used)
  • 6 hours:  $479  (PLUS+ gas used)
  • 8 hours:  $529  (PLUS+ gas used)

Multi Day Pricing

  • 2 Days:  $529 x 2
  • 3 Days:  $449 x 3
  • 4 Days:  $427 x 4
  • 5 Days:  $407 x 5
  • 6 Days:  $387 x 6
  • 7 Days:  $369 x 7

Jet Ski Features/Info

  • 18.5 gallon gas tank
  • Features a reverse lever and 2 water resistant storage compartments
  • 16 and 17 year olds may drive ONLY if they present a valid drivers license and a parent or legal guardian is present to also sign the waiver.  All participants must be present for safety instruction and sign our waiver.
  • A temporary boaters safety certificate will be given to all qualified drivers.
Yamaha Jet Ski | Boyne Watersports Yamaha Jet Ski | Boyne Watersports Yamaha Jet Ski | Boyne Watersports Yamaha Jet Ski | Boyne Watersports

  • *Our Yamaha jet skis have a seating capacity for up to three people (max capacity 450lbs).  We recommend no more than 2 adults on one jet ski at a time.  However one adult and two small kids is a great option. 
  • With an impressive power to weight ratio; reach speeds over 50mph while enjoying industry leading fuel efficiency.
  • We do not charge tax or any added fees for your jet ski rental.

Gas Rate

1hr, 2hr, & 3hr jet ski rentals INCLUDE GAS and are “out the door” prices.

4hr, 6hr, 8hr, & multi-day prices are “out the door” PLUS+ gas used.  Gas is charged at the gas dock rate PLUS+ $1.50 per gallon.

Jet skis will burn through 46 gallons of gas per hour.

  • Please read our RENTAL POLICY before reserving a boat.
  • All rates, equipment, and other information subject to change.
  • All boats require a $500 damage deposit at time of rental.  This is only a hold not a charge.
  • Your dock, mooring, or boat lift must be approved by Boyne Watersports staff if you want to keep our boats in front of your house on Lake Charlevoix for daily or multi day use.
  • Jet skis are rated for up to 3 people but cannot exceed 450lbs.